Phoenix Tales How To Play

Welcome To The Phoenix Tales

Welcome to The Phoenix Tales and we hope you enjoy your stay. As a new player to the realm you may have many questions about where to begin. In the following guide, the basic gameplay and game play styles will be outlined for you so you better understand what TPT is all about. The community here is very friendly and if at anytime you have a question, feel free to pop in chat and fire away!
The layout is a little different then some games but is not to difficult to understand. On the right hand side there are links to various places you can visit while in the realm. Each has its own importence, but you will need to visit Marty's Store in order to obtain a bag to store all your goodies in. As you may have already noticed when you login for the first time and chat you will see a [newbie] tag right beside your name and only Staff members are allowed to see what post in the chat. When you reach level 5 you will enter normal chat where everyone is able to see your messages and the Newbie tag will dissapear.

The Battle/Upgrade Equipments

Battle: At the moment you can only do auto battle soon the normal battle system will be implented in a future update.

There are two ways to increase your weapons/armors power:

Enhancement: Enhancing your equipment increases its power by a small amount and costs Gold and Mythril to upgrade.

Quality Title for Equipment: During the process of enhancement your equipment will increase in power and rarity. But will also change in color depending on the level of enhancement.

Upgrading Title for Weapons: Upgrading your weapon title provides a boost to its damage and increases max orb slots.

Upgrading Titles for Armour: Upgrading your armor title provides boost to its defense and increases max orb slots.

Quest Options Menu

Quests: At the Quest Board you can begin new quests and turn them in once you have finished for rewards. There are currently 2 quests you can do. Rewards for each quest are random. Right now you may get, for example, 100k for one quest finished and the next 600k gold for next then like 300k for after that. Your will also get random amounts of Mythril along with attributes. You are able to have 1 quest from each. if you change your mind in the middle of a battle quest to do scavenging, you can and get a quest for that as well.

Kill Quest: Kill a certain number of enemies. Collection Quests: Kill enemies and collect a certain number of quest items from them.

Scavenging Quest: Get a certain amount of items you choose to get Complete Scavenging Quests: The rewards you get when its completed

To find out the levels and achievements for quest, go to the Achievements page.

Chat Commands

A list of Chat Commands can be checked on this list and will be updated when neccessary.(Chat Commands for Actions always begin with "/" a foward slash.) Available Chat Commands for Actions are listed below.

Action Chat Command Action Chat Command
Trade Chat /t Ignore User /ignore (id)
Clan Chat /c Unignore User /unignore (id)
Emote /me List of Ignored Users /ignorelist
Check Bonus Time /bonus Going AFK /afk
Check GB Pool /gb Displays Ref Link /ref
Check GB in BM Pool /gbm soon soon
Private Message /m (username/id) message here soon soon


This is the place you can look for food, iron, wood or stone. There are now quests they will be found under the Quest section. There are tools that you can upgrade to find more Mythril right now as you scavenge.

Scavenging Drops: These are mostly different then then battle drops. You will either get Smithing Tools, or Essence Powder,metal scraps,Gold and GB's ..... These will be used for Gem stuff and socketing equipment

Scavenging skills - this tells you what level you are on with each. The higher level the better. You can also upgrade your tools for more experience,gold and a better chance of getting drops.

Obtaining dropped items and the Loot

When a NPC Monster is defeated, sometimes items can drop and when they do they will automatically show up on your resources list.

Only time you will need to click on resources name is in dungeons when you start roaming around you will notice it.